Veteran Relief Fund


The purpose of the Veteran’s relief fund is to help Veterans and their families in immediate need of monetary donations with unforeseen expenses or emergencies. Real examples from the past year include paying for a broken transmission to allow them to get to work, assistance covering rent after job loss, paying for food for a family who suffered a house fire, and paying a utility bill that is about to be shut off due to unforeseen circumstances. We pair the donation with other resources and mentorship to get them back on track. 

We are an all volunteer group which takes zero percent of the money from this fund. Our volunteers use their own time and cover their gas/travel expenses to help these Veterans and their families.  Every single penny donated or raised goes straight into the pocket of a needy Veteran and his family. Be the helping hand donate today! Click the yellow donate button above and let us know you would like your money to go to Veteran Relief.

Your donation can make a big difference in the life of a Veteran. Donations are tax deductible. We vet all recipients to insure authenticity and verify the situation. Some recipients are post members. All Veterans are local and are referred to the post by a member or community partner. Checks are made straight to the company or business to provide the necessities. 


January- Paid Marine Corps Disabled Veteran's rent due in two days. Veteran was unable to make rent due to unforeseen program change. 


January- Paid $300 towards funeral expenses for Veteran Sunny Farrand






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