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Veteran Relief Fund


The purpose of the Veteran’s relief fund is to help Veterans and their families in immediate need of monetary donations for unforeseen expenses or emergencies. Veterans helped are local and referred to us by members of the community or by reaching out to us directly.

Relief is provided by directly making a payment to the business or service a Veteran may be indebt to or by providing the necessary items the Veteran and their family need. The assistance we provide is paired with other resources and mentorship to get them back on track and all recipients are vetted to ensure the authenticity and validity of the situation.

Some of the relief we provided the past year include: paying for a broken transmission to allow them to get to work, assistance covering rent after job loss, providing food to a family who suffered a house fire and paying a utility bill that was about to be shut off due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your donation can make a big difference in the life of a Veteran and their family, every penny donated or raised goes directly to helping a Veteran in need and donations are tax deductible. We are an all volunteer non-profit organization, our members volunteer their time to help Veterans and their families. Be the helping hand and donate today! Click the yellow donate button above and let us know you would like to support our Veterans Relief Fund.

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