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VETogether was born when the Owner of SpecHops Brewing and a patron were sharing a beer and reminiscing about the glory days of being on Active Duty; as well as the difficult times of adjusting back into the Civilian World. A lot of time and money is spent on preparing us to do our jobs while on Active Duty, but next to none is spent on helping us transition out.

VETogether is about creating events where Veterans can come together and share their story, share a beer, and have a good time with good people. Egos are check in at the door. We are all about a safe and fun environment where camaraderie can be shared by all from Veteran to Active Duty to Spouse.

VETogether is for you, the Veteran, and networking with fellow Veterans so that we may build a stronger community and provide the strength and support for each and every Veteran and their future endeavors.

For upcoming events, check out our Calendar and VeTogether's social media links below:

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